5 Awesome stone tile care tips for summer

When summer comes, the first thing most people think about is making sure you can keep cool at all times and find ways to keep your house and body cool. However, it is important to take care of your outdoor stone floor tiles as well.

The summer heat is quite harsh on everything that is exposed to it, from your roof to your garden and yes, your stone tiles too. This is why regular maintenance is important to ensure your stone tiles can withstand the high temperatures.

Here are 5 awesome stone tile cleaning care tips for summer;

  1. Maintenance – To ensure your stone tiles will last for many years to come, regular maintenance is important. Natural stone is porous and requires regular maintenance. Unlike ceramic tiles which can use abrasive materials, it is important to use neutral cleaners at all times. The cleaners should never contain bleach or any acidic components which will damage stone.
  2. Regular cleaning – As the dust levels rise, use a cleaner specifically designed for cleaning stone. They have natural PH levels and will not affect any sealers or wax coating used on the stone. Use clean water to damp the stone before using the stone cleaning solution and use a soft brush, sponge or mop to clean the surface. Ensure you mop up any excess solution and buff the surface dry.
  3. Deep cleaning – If you are having guests over and have neglected your stone tiles for quite some time, you might need a heavy duty cleaner stone cleaner. This will help remove all dirt, grease, wax and another other dirty that might be on the surface to give your stone a deep clean. These products will clean the stone without damaging it. Use the cleaner and mix with water as per the manufactures instructions and allow it to set. Use a soft brush, sponge or mop to clean the surface and change the water whenever it gets dirty to avoid adding more dirt to the stone.
  4. Sealing – This is ideal when you have natural stone. Use a stone enhancer sealer when the stone is dark or when you would like to highlight certain features of the stone. Choose an ideal sealer to ensure maximum stain protection for your type of stone and use it according to the manufactures instructions for maximum impact.
  5. Finishing – Once your stone tiles are clean, you can use a wax floor finish (comes in spray form) to augment the lustre of the stone. This is applicable to stone floors and countertops too. Apply the spray and use a nylon pad to buff the surface. You can do this once every few months or monthly if the tiles are in an area where there is high traffic to keep it looking beautiful and well kept. Apply the spray as often as needed to give you the glossy shine you seek to achieve, 3 – 5 applications will do.


Follow these maintenance tips to ensure the best protection of your stone tiles during the summer.

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