5 Ways to Reuse Cardboard and Paper

When receiving shipment of goods or getting a new item, the seller is most likely to pack it up in a cardboard. Cardboard boxes are a packaging material for about 90 percent of products that are shipped locally and internationally. However, cardboard boxes and paper comprise of at least 9 percent of the refuse in a typical landfill. These two items do not lose their value once they are used. They can be recycled and reused for different recreational activities apart from packaging. Below are 5 ways on how one can reuse cardboard and paper;

  1. Storage; storage is one of the most obvious ways one can reuse a cardboard. One can use it to pack toys, papers, invoices, tools and even bank statements. It is a tidy way to store equipments and documents around the work place and at home. It can also store liquor bottles, ornaments, crystal, light bulbs and other breakables for safety purposes.
  2. Surface protector; when painting or dusting the house or office, you can always use cardboards or papers to protect the floor. This is the least expensive way other than using a fabric cloth. Temporary placements can be created by a few rectangular pieces of the cardboard and paper. Even though a liquid or stain is spilled on the cardboard, it can still be recycled.
  3. Pet toys; hamsters, gerbils and other small rodent pets can be easily entertained by using a cardboard tube that has a couple of holes in it. There are different ways of creating entertainment for your pets by creating a toy using a cardboard or paper. Cardboard boxes can also act as a home to your pet. One can easily create a comfortable environment inside the box.
  4. Temporary roof repair; during thunderstorms, houses and buildings always sustain minor damages. The roof is particularly susceptible to the effects of wet weather. One can use a cardboard to temporary patch a hole on the rooftop while buying time before a professional repairs the problem. One can do this by placing the cardboard inside a plastic bag and pinning in on the rooftop.
  5. Crafts; crafty people are known to make art out of people’s trash with little or no effort. There are hundreds of websites that have ideas on how to make an art out of paper or cardboard.


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