5 qualities all teachers should have

When thinking about becoming a teacher, there are certain qualities a teacher should have. This is important because when dealing with both children and parents, there are core traits which come in handy when every single day, you are dealing with different individuals and personality.

Here are 5 qualities all teachers should have;

  1. Ability to relate well with pupils and parents or their care givers. This means that you can interact well, communicate clearly and have the ability to connect with your students from the very onset. A great relationship is nurtured from the teacher to the students and this is important that the students feel they can respect, listen and relate with the teacher.
  2. Be knowledgeable in the subject you are teaching – It is important that every teacher know their subject in detail. This will allow them to teach and explain certain concepts in detail to help the students understand the course work.
  3. An ability to teach, be confident in your ability and your capacity to be a good teacher and role model are fundamental traits in a teacher. You need to be able to impart knowledge in a way and manner which is easy for the students to understand. See more on SCCD Training School website.
  4. Enthusiasm for the job. Teaching requires a high level of enthusiasm. A high level of enthusiasm is contagious and this helps the students pay attention, listen better and be more engaged and interested in the topic at hand.
  5. A teacher needs to be able to handle multiple roles and tasks.


These are some core skills teachers should have to be able to be an efficient teacher.

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