How to Secure Your Home from a Potential Burglary

It is hard work; sacrifice and determination that gets to see everyone secure their dream home. Among many expensive things that people work for, putting up a home is most expensive. The worst nightmare that no one can tie their head around is losing their years of hard work to malicious, selfish and destructive hands.

As if that is not enough, some burglars have the nerve to hurt your family. This is too much for anyone to take in. to avoid such physical and emotional break down; one can take preventive measures that will ensure security of your home. Most people are keen to enforce intensive security during the night and forget that day time is also a potential time especially when people are out on their day to activities. Here are some preventive measures you should take;

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From the outside;

Take a home survey; this should be the first step before anything else. Go round your home and check for possible blind spots that burglars too will find. Be keen to look to the direction of your windows and identify how much you can see in the inside. You may need to get your expensive furniture and artifacts off the eyes of the burglars to avoid tempting them. Better still you can get help from the police to identify more weak spots.

Clearing bushes and trees; no one wants to give a burglar a hiding place when planning their invasion. It is therefore necessary to trim bushes and shrubs along your home pathways. If you have trees surrounding your home, you should prune them. Tree branches make it easier for burglars to access the roof or balcony and get access to your home. Keep the branches short in a way that they cannot be used. By ITCC Locksmith Wimbledon

Put up a fence; fortunately, this is a method that has been used in most homes. However, you should ensure you do it right otherwise you will facilitate burglary invasion. Ornamental fencing is most suitable as it does not allow burglars to climb on it. However, most people have stone and concrete fences that they prefer since they are sound proof. These fences unfortunately are easy to climb on. For such walls you can make them efficient by adding barbed wire or pieces of broken glasses at the top.

Keep off expensive items and toys off the compound; tempting burglars or getting to show them your worth. Your expensive items like your car, grills or toys should be kept off the yard. Instead these items should be stored in a lockable garage away from the eyes of the burglars.  If your car is parked in the street, always have it locked and have all the windows rolled up. Ensure you do not leave any items that allow access to your home like a spare key. For the garage, you can use curtains and windows. Outdoor valuables are better off in the inside.

Know and cooperate with your neighbors; this is an efficient preventive measure as it is always easier when people look out for each other. Get to know them first so that you do not mistake them for strangers. Also, it will be easier for you to identify strangers in your neighborhood and raise alarm.  Cleaning up the neighborhood is also an option that could also keep off burglars. This is because it shows that their neighborhood is united. Day to day activities may differ among the neighbors and when they are home and you are not they can keep watch. Neighbor security program can be set up where everyone takes a turn in patrolling the neighborhood and get to know more of burglary attacks and home security and this will stimulate interest in ensuring security in a homestead. Collaborate with the neighbors to facilitate proper lighting around the neighborhood. Burglary is a movement of the dark and therefore lighting will surely keep burglars away.

Home’s address, gates and fences; gates and should always be kept locked at all times. Locking choices may vary. In case of padlocks, use strong and durable one. For key locks they should be unique and not easily breakable. Ensure you put in place a large mail box that broadly shows the address of the home. Burglars keep off such homes since once they invade and help is called for, they can easily be caught.

From the inside;

Locking doors and windows; the major entrance areas in a house are doors and windows. It is therefore important to keep them locked. You should also enforce the locks on your doors and windows. Thieves have grown in their expertise and unlocking or breaking locks is quite easy for them. Update strong locks regularly, you can never assume them.

Safety of spare keys; spare keys and other personal keys should never be kept outside. Worse still do not put them in obvious places like under the mat or in a vase of flowers just outside the house. It is also dangerous to label your keys since when you lose them, you should be ready to expect unwanted guests. It is rather safe to have your spare key stored for you by a trusted neighbor.

Storage of valuables; you can never want to go wrong with where you keep your expensive jewelry, saved money or classified documents carelessly in your closet or wardrobe. In case of burglary invasion, burglars can easily make away with these valuable. A safe is therefore necessary so that your valuables are totally secured. The safe should be installed in a place not common or easily identifiable like the floor. Ensure that you give the password to a trusted family member in event of an emergency.

Security system; this system contains alarms in case of an alert, security cameras and sensors. They also have motion detectors mostly placed at the entrance. Anyone who passes there, a light shines on them and it is easy to identify them. This system should be regularly used and force alarms should be avoided.

Security for your home should be your first priority since your home carries what you always worked for, especially your family. The above measures are worth your time, energy and even money. Failure to this may lead to major losses that you may have difficulty incurring.

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