A Simple and Effective Way to Clean Your Glass Stove

Glass top stoves are admirable assets to any kitchen owner especially when they are parkling clean. A lean shiny stove motivates you to cook more delicacies on it. They energize you to prepare the family’s favorite meal. Chopping potatoes to make fries is a quick job as one looks forward to use the stove. The whole process is captivating and enjoyable – frying and drying.  However, it is very difficult to avoid oil splitters from the pan dropping on the glass top. These stains turn into black burns if not wiped out immediately. Sauce and soup spills become stubborn stains if allowed to stay overnight. The glass top that was initially shining is a greasy sight the following morning. The stove is no longer inviting. It needs to be cleaned before any cooking can be done on it. However, cleaning it will not be a walk in the park. This is a simple errand and one not need call for housekeeping services if they can be avoided. You can do it on your own.  Considering that glass is delicate and careless scrapping may leave ugly scratches, it is important to employ a cleaning formula that will maintain the appearance and worthiness of the stove.

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  1. Head to the pantry; Weigh the options you have but if possible settle on chemical free cleaners. A kitchen expertise will understand this plainly. White vinegar and baking soda do an equally good job. However, they should be used separately to avoid the scientific fizzing. Avoid soapy detergents that may spoil the glass top.
  2. Sprinkle white vinegar on the glass top; Cover the entire glass top with white vinegar. Dampen a cloth or a towel in a bucket of water and use it to wipe the surface. This will remove stuck-on debris and will degrease the surface.
  3. Sprinkle baking soda; Baking soda is a mild alkali that breaks grit and grime easily. When scrubbing therefore, the glass is not scratched. The glass top remains as authentic as when it was new.
  4. Cover glass top with a dampened towel; Dampen a cloth or a towel, wring it out and spread it on the glass top for fifteen minutes. This soaks accumulated crud. Forceful scrubbing will therefore be nothing to think about.
  5. Scrub; Scrubbing should be done mildly considering that we are dealing with glass. Use elbow grease and baking soda to clean. Rinse and wring the towel severally and wipe the surface.

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Despite all this gentle and patient cleaning, some stains are too stubborn and need to be scraped out. Use a razor blade with a handle to scrape the stubborn stains off. Patience is very important when scrapping stuck- on stains out. Applying too much force may destroy the surface. Polish the glass top with one more swipe of the dampened cloth and vinegar. Finally, buff with a dry cloth to make it shine. Ensure that the water used is clean, and the cloth too.

Glass top stoves need high level of maintenance to ensure their appearance is still appealing. The kitchen therefore should be a prohibited area for children and individuals who cannot handle them with care. Cleaning glass top stoves should be entrusted to adults who know what to use and how to go about it. When going on vacation, cover the stove with a large clean cloth to prevent dust from settling on it.

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The cost of the glass top stove also motivates the owner to want to maintain them because replacing them will cost a lot. When maintained, glass stoves make the kitchen décor more appealing and give it a taste of class.

By: EOT Cleaning Services

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