5 qualities all teachers should have

When thinking about becoming a teacher, there are certain qualities a teacher should have. This is important because when dealing with both children and parents, there are core traits which come in handy when every single day, you are dealing with different individuals and personality.

Here are 5 qualities all teachers should have;

  1. Ability to relate well with pupils and parents or their care givers. This means that you can interact well, communicate clearly and have the ability to connect with your students from the very onset. A great relationship is nurtured from the teacher to the students and this is important that the students feel they can respect, listen and relate with the teacher.
  2. Be knowledgeable in the subject you are teaching – It is important that every teacher know their subject in detail. This will allow them to teach and explain certain concepts in detail to help the students understand the course work.
  3. An ability to teach, be confident in your ability and your capacity to be a good teacher and role model are fundamental traits in a teacher. You need to be able to impart knowledge in a way and manner which is easy for the students to understand. See more on SCCD Training School website.
  4. Enthusiasm for the job. Teaching requires a high level of enthusiasm. A high level of enthusiasm is contagious and this helps the students pay attention, listen better and be more engaged and interested in the topic at hand.
  5. A teacher needs to be able to handle multiple roles and tasks.


These are some core skills teachers should have to be able to be an efficient teacher.

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5 Ways to Reuse Cardboard and Paper

When receiving shipment of goods or getting a new item, the seller is most likely to pack it up in a cardboard. Cardboard boxes are a packaging material for about 90 percent of products that are shipped locally and internationally. However, cardboard boxes and paper comprise of at least 9 percent of the refuse in a typical landfill. These two items do not lose their value once they are used. They can be recycled and reused for different recreational activities apart from packaging. Below are 5 ways on how one can reuse cardboard and paper;

  1. Storage; storage is one of the most obvious ways one can reuse a cardboard. One can use it to pack toys, papers, invoices, tools and even bank statements. It is a tidy way to store equipments and documents around the work place and at home. It can also store liquor bottles, ornaments, crystal, light bulbs and other breakables for safety purposes.
  2. Surface protector; when painting or dusting the house or office, you can always use cardboards or papers to protect the floor. This is the least expensive way other than using a fabric cloth. Temporary placements can be created by a few rectangular pieces of the cardboard and paper. Even though a liquid or stain is spilled on the cardboard, it can still be recycled.
  3. Pet toys; hamsters, gerbils and other small rodent pets can be easily entertained by using a cardboard tube that has a couple of holes in it. There are different ways of creating entertainment for your pets by creating a toy using a cardboard or paper. Cardboard boxes can also act as a home to your pet. One can easily create a comfortable environment inside the box.
  4. Temporary roof repair; during thunderstorms, houses and buildings always sustain minor damages. The roof is particularly susceptible to the effects of wet weather. One can use a cardboard to temporary patch a hole on the rooftop while buying time before a professional repairs the problem. One can do this by placing the cardboard inside a plastic bag and pinning in on the rooftop.
  5. Crafts; crafty people are known to make art out of people’s trash with little or no effort. There are hundreds of websites that have ideas on how to make an art out of paper or cardboard.


For more information on how to recycle cardboard and paper, you can check out https://www.vonviljunk.co.uk

5 Awesome stone tile care tips for summer

When summer comes, the first thing most people think about is making sure you can keep cool at all times and find ways to keep your house and body cool. However, it is important to take care of your outdoor stone floor tiles as well.

The summer heat is quite harsh on everything that is exposed to it, from your roof to your garden and yes, your stone tiles too. This is why regular maintenance is important to ensure your stone tiles can withstand the high temperatures.

Here are 5 awesome stone tile cleaning care tips for summer;

  1. Maintenance – To ensure your stone tiles will last for many years to come, regular maintenance is important. Natural stone is porous and requires regular maintenance. Unlike ceramic tiles which can use abrasive materials, it is important to use neutral cleaners at all times. The cleaners should never contain bleach or any acidic components which will damage stone.
  2. Regular cleaning – As the dust levels rise, use a cleaner specifically designed for cleaning stone. They have natural PH levels and will not affect any sealers or wax coating used on the stone. Use clean water to damp the stone before using the stone cleaning solution and use a soft brush, sponge or mop to clean the surface. Ensure you mop up any excess solution and buff the surface dry.
  3. Deep cleaning – If you are having guests over and have neglected your stone tiles for quite some time, you might need a heavy duty cleaner stone cleaner. This will help remove all dirt, grease, wax and another other dirty that might be on the surface to give your stone a deep clean. These products will clean the stone without damaging it. Use the cleaner and mix with water as per the manufactures instructions and allow it to set. Use a soft brush, sponge or mop to clean the surface and change the water whenever it gets dirty to avoid adding more dirt to the stone.
  4. Sealing – This is ideal when you have natural stone. Use a stone enhancer sealer when the stone is dark or when you would like to highlight certain features of the stone. Choose an ideal sealer to ensure maximum stain protection for your type of stone and use it according to the manufactures instructions for maximum impact.
  5. Finishing – Once your stone tiles are clean, you can use a wax floor finish (comes in spray form) to augment the lustre of the stone. This is applicable to stone floors and countertops too. Apply the spray and use a nylon pad to buff the surface. You can do this once every few months or monthly if the tiles are in an area where there is high traffic to keep it looking beautiful and well kept. Apply the spray as often as needed to give you the glossy shine you seek to achieve, 3 – 5 applications will do.


Follow these maintenance tips to ensure the best protection of your stone tiles during the summer.

House Clearance Wandsworth worth getting?

There are various benefits of getting a house clearing service. As a home owner you may have a busy schedule and keeping everything in order. Attending to family responsibilities and other duties may leave you with no time to keep your premises in order. Besides, hiring professional cleaning services helps you to keep off bacteria and other health hazards off your home. Therefore getting house clearance in Wandsworth is worth getting as it will give you peace of mind.

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  • State of the art equipment helps us to deliver on time and in an efficient manner. We have every kind of material and trucks to dispose off your waste and clear house and gardens.
  • Vetted professionals in the industry help you to remain in a clam state of mind when dealing with our team. We ensure all our clients are treated with deep respect. All our workers are trained to deal with various people with different needs.
  • There is no drama involved in most house clearance services where cursing and yelling are the order of the day. All our quotations are given in writing so that misunderstandings may not arise in future. And if they do, our team will handle the matter in a professional manner.


After having carefully reviewing the above points, getting a house clearance in Wandsworth is surely worth the effort. Where you are looking to get house clearance, garage, garden or office clearance, you need to contact us today and let our staff take you every step of the way. We work 24/7 and so we are always at standby to cater for your needs.